Convertibles: Earning interest on the date of payment only. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary
General: Having neither a short nor a long position in a stock. clean. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary
Market: Characterized by horizontal price movement, usually the result of low activity. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary
Equities: To execute without commission or markup. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary
Market slang to indicate when a position has been evened up or closed out. Chicago Mercantile Exchange Glossary

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I. flat flat 1 [flæt] adjective [only before a noun]
1. ECONOMICS a flat fee, price etc is fixed and does not change or have anything added to it:

• We charge a flat fee for car hire.

• Subscribers to the service have to pay a flat charge each month.

2. ECONOMICS if a market, economy etc is flat or sales are flat, levels of trade or sales are not increasing:

• In the USA, car sales were flat although truck sales increased.

• As demand for the company's products stays flat and costs remain high, half-year profits have fallen by 70% to £15.1 million.

3. FINANCE if the stockmarket is flat, prices are not rising or falling:

• The share market closed flat after spending the day trapped in a 10 point range.

  [m0] II. flat flat 2 noun [countable] PROPERTY
a place where people live that consists of a set of rooms, usually on one floor, which are part of a larger building; = APARTMENT:

• Prices start from £89,995 for one-bedroom flats.

• The building was knocked down to make way for a block of flats (= a large building divided into many separate flats ) .

  [m0] III. flat flat 3 adverb
1. fall flat if something you are doing or planning falls flat, it is unsuccessful:

• Their plans to build a retirement home in Spain fell flat.

2. flat out informal if you work flat out, you work as fast as possible:

Working flat out, the men completed the work by about ten-thirty on Saturday morning.

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   The price of a share or financial instrument that is neither rising nor falling; also called sideways. Also, a bond that is trading without accrued interest, such as a bond in default, and a position in a market, or a financial instrument, which is balanced - neither long nor short -are referred to as flat.

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flat UK US /flæt/ adjective (flatter, flattest)
COMMERCE, FINANCE if profits, sales, etc. are flat, they are not growing or increasing: »

Demand for our machinery abroad is increasing, while growth is flat at home.

STOCK MARKET if the stock market is flat, the prices of shares are not rising or falling: »

The market remained at 9,000 points after a flat day of trading yesterday.

fixed and without any additional costs: »

He submitted a flat price for completing the work, including all labour and materials.

HR used to describe the structure of an organization in which there are not many different levels of employees between the top and the bottom: »

Companies with a flat organizational structure can usually make decisions more quickly.

Compare HIERARCHY(Cf. ↑hierarchy)
flat UK US /flæt/ noun [C]
UK PROPERTY a set of rooms for living in which are part of a larger building and which are usually all on one floor: »

a furnished/unfurnished flat


a block of flats


He works as a property developer, buying, renovating and selling on flats in the capital.

Compare APARTMENT(Cf. ↑apartment)
flat UK US /flæt/ adverb
fall flat — Cf. fall flat
flat out — Cf. flat out

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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